PCHP Medicare Advantage

Piedmont Community Health Care (owned by Centra) brought on Media Partners, Inc.(MPI) to help boost their market share in Virginia.


Develop a campaign that would show how PCHP could help reduce the confusion associated with Medicare plans, be personally engaged with clients and create a comfort for potential new clients.

Media Recommendations:

  • TV
  • Newspaper
  • Specialty Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Out-of-Home Media
  • Execution/Deliverables

  • :30 TV Spot
  • Full page and ½ page newspaper ads
  • Full page print ads
  • Direct Mail (4)
  • Out-of-Home (2)
  • Results/Outcomes

    Final 2015 enrollment numbers exceeded campaign goals and showed a 9.5% increase over 2014 numbers. Also worth noting, the 2015 advertising spending was significantly less than the 2014 spending and had a greater yield.