Promotions Managers

Time Savings

As promotions managers, you’re always in constant “what’s next” mode, working ahead to file co-op at the same time that sweeps and creative pushes are happening. Media planning and co-op filing is something you can farm out. We take care of the behind the scenes paperwork like negotiations and filing and reviewing invoices, so all you have to do is sign off.

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Media Buying Expertise

Just because you’ve done your media buys before, doesn’t mean it’s the most effective use of your time to be a buyer. We have that expertise and can help guide you and free you up to do what you do best.

Traffic Nightmares

Doing traffic for sweeps creative can be an intricate puzzle at best – a nightmare of spot codes and delivery with numerous deadlines and moving pieces. You create the elements, and we’ll get them where they need to go, on time and accurately.


Outside the Box Thinking

Oftentimes agencies who specialize in media co-op are traditional media heavy. We have experience not only with traditional media but with using media outside the of conventional radio for tv stations, and more importantly, getting reimbursed for it. Viewers are watching across platform; your dollars should be spent accordingly.

Category Specialists

We know TV stations and the challenges you face. With over 20 years of experience with TV stations as well and a former TV promotions director on our buying team, we get it.  We know the shorthand.

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  • Media planning/buying
  • Program Launches
  • Full execution of spot traffic and production
  • Deadline management
  • Sweep promotions
  • Budget planning
  • Co-op filing
  • Multiple platform promotions