General Managers

Timely Reimbursements

If running schedules for sweeps is one piece of the puzzle, another is getting reimbursements back in a timely fashion, which impacts the bottom line. We’re efficient, we review all invoices, and we file before deadlines. Every time.


Strategic Recommendations for Co-op

We know that many syndicated programs offer co-op. We also know that some of those programs stand to make your stations greater revenue than others.  We’ll help your team make strategic choices about which co-op to apply for and what dollars are best left on the table.

Support Your Promotions Team

We take care of the details your team either doesn’t have time for or doesn’t have experience with from their production background to make impactful media buys that move the needle.


Media Partnerships

We help foster long-term relationships on your behalf to leverage your dollars for additional promotions, inventory and schedule weight.

Outside the box thinking

Oftentimes agencies who specialize in media co-op are traditional media heavy. We have experience not only with traditional media but with using media outside the of conventional radio for tv stations, and more importantly, getting reimbursed for it. Viewers are watching across platform; your dollars should be spent accordingly.


Recommendations for Internal Tools

Every station has internal self-promotion vehicles – promo weight, digital resources, websites, sister stations, etc. – but because there are no “hard dollars” being spent, they often underutilize those resources and fail to maximize their impact. MPI can also work with you to audit internal spend to insure promotional resources are used to the fullest.


  • Media planning/buying
  • Program Launches
  • Full execution of spot traffic and production
  • Deadline management
  • Sweep promotions
  • Budget planning
  • Co-op filing
  • Multiple platform promotions